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[Notice] Application for English/Korean Classes for Foreign students for Spring semester, 2019
Writer 김규리 Date 2019-02-07 Hit 6966

Application for English Language Class for Foreign Students

for Spring semester, 2019

  Students who take English language courses offered or submit English proficiency test score like TOEFL, TOEIC, etc, will be recognized as someone who satisfies qualification requirements for submitting dissertation(thesis). We inform you of the application for English Language Classes for foreign students for Spring semester in 2019 as below.


1. Application for classes

  a. Lecture offered 

A course of study

Class Title

Professor in charge



Class Time (Lecture room)



Ho, Han


- On-line Lecture

- Orientation : Sep 3rd(Mon) 18:30

               Dasan Hall 115

           (Orientation & Special Lecture)


Seungjae, Mun


 Mon 18:30~21:30 (Dasan Hall 506)



  b. Period of Application : Feb 11th(Mon) ~ Feb 15th(Fri), 2019

  ( Application for classes is not allowed in the period of changing classes)

  c. Course Registration Procedure : Login AIMS Portal website 학사(대학원) (Academic Information

     for Graduate school) 교과수업(Class Info.) on the upper side 수강신청 (Course Registration)

     on the left side Check the courses 공통/영어(Common/English)   저장(Save)

    Students who completed with required courses cant apply in AIMS portal website. So

    they have to apply for English classes by visiting Department office or office of graduate school.


2. Qualification for class taking : Enrolled students and students completed with required courses  

   (excluding students on leave and enrolled students in Dept. of Pharmacy)

   (Students in Dept. of Pharmacy who entered after Fall semester in 2012 cant apply for

   Alternative courses foreign language test)


3. Grade assessment : PASS & FAIL (0 credit)

   The grade of Alternative courses for foreign language test will not reflected in GPA in

   applicable semester because the grade of alternative courses is only for requirements for

   submitting thesis.


4. Payment of Tuition Fee

  a. Lecture Costs : 120,000 KRW per each semester

  b. Period of Payment: Feb 11th(Mon) ~ Feb 15rh(Fri), 2019

  c. Account Number for payment : Standard Chartered Bank 632-15-000373 (아주대 일반대학원)


5. Notes

  - Transfer the money with students own name in the period of application for classes

  - If students do not pay tuition fee in designated period, application for classes will be cancelled   automatically.   

  - Cancellation of application for classes : Students who want to delete the class from the list

    have to submit the Form of cancellation of classes to office of Graduate school(Yulgok Hall

    #305) in the period of changing classes. (Mar 7th(Thu) ~ Mar 11th(Mon), 2019). Only in that case, students receive  a full refund. After the period of changing classes, we do not allow the cancellation and full refund of classes.

Application for Korean Language Class for Foreign Students

for Spring semester 2019


1. Application for classes

 a. Lecture offered

A course

of Study

Class Title


in charge



Class Time(Lecture room)



Korean Language Beginning

GunHee, Lee


Fri 15:00 ~ 17:50

(Dasan Hall #115)




b. Period of application and Procedure : Same above (Apply in the period of application for classes in each semester in the same way)


2. Qualification for class taking : Enrolled International students of General Graduate school


3. Lecture costs : Free


4. Grade Assessment : PASS & FAIL (0 credit)


5. Note on application

   - Foreigners who are not English native speakers will select either English or Korean when

     taking Foreign Language test in English that conducted in School to meet the requirements for

     submitting dissertation.

   - Students who take a Korean Language class offered in school and get a PASS grade will be

     exempted Korean Language Test. It means that students meet the requirements for submitting


   - The grade of Korean Language Beginning will be reflected in GPA in applicable semester.


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